Dashcam footage shows stolen car crossing centre line, nearly colliding with oncoming vehicle north of Wellington

Dash cam footage has captured a near miss with a stolen car being driven dangerously north of Wellington yesterday after it crossed the yellow centre line of the road.

Tracy Hinton told 1 NEWS, "we were driving south and almost had a head on collision with this driver. All captured on our dashcam".

"It was close, not something I ever want to repeat."

Dascham footage published on Dash Cam Owners New Zealand YouTube page shows the moment the white car crosses the centre line and nearly collides with the vehicle Ms Hinton was in.

Yesterday police confirmed they received reports of a young male driver driving dangerously in the Kapiti, Otaki and Levin areas that afternoon, but did not pursue the vehicle due to the nature of the driving.

A witness told 1 NEWS that police first tried to deploy spikes to stop the driver between Otaki and Levin, and that the car was driven into oncoming traffic at times.

The car was later seen in Whanganui, and a police vehicle activated lights and sirens, but they wouldn't pull over, so police did not pursue them.

About 4.20pm, police managed to get in front of the car and deployed road spikes successfully.

The male driver was taken into custody and will be referred to Youth Aid.