Dangerous man wanted over serious assault on the loose in lower North Island

A dangerous man is on the loose in the lower North Island, wanted by police over a serious assault.

Police say Henare Keri Namana, 34, is believed to be in Wairarapa, Wellington or the Hutt Valley area.

They say Namana is dangerous and shouldn't be approached.

Namana is wanted for arrest over a serious assault.

Anyone with information on Namana's whereabouts is urged to contact Masterton Police on (06) 370 0300.

Henare Keri Namana.
Henare Keri Namana. Source: NZ Police


Four people arrested in Indonesia after attempting to sell babies on Instagram

Indonesian police say they have broken up a child-trafficking operation that was allegedly buying and selling babies on Instagram.

Four people have been arrested including a 22-year-old mother and a 29-year-old suspected broker in Indonesia’s second largest city of Surabaya.

A midwife and a suspected buyer have also been arrested in Bali, police said in a press conference.

Authorities were alerted to an account on Instagram with the handle "Konsultasi Hati Privat" or Private Heart Consultation. It presented itself as offering adoption services and pregnancy consultations.

But, according to CNN police found evidence that monetary transactions were being carried out.

AKPB Sudamiran, head of criminal investigation unit in Surabaya’s police force, said that his team stopped an attempt by a 22-year-old mother to sell her 11-month-old baby to a buyer in Bali using messaging service Whatsapp.

The baby was allegedly being offered for just over NZ$1500.

The account had more than 700 followers and had been running for a year, but has since been taken down.

The head of Indonesia’s National Commission for Child Protection, Sustano, said social media has changed the way traffickers conduct business.

"In the old days, the transaction happened in person and it was usually arranged through a middleman," he said.

"But now, they are using new and more advance methods, through social media like Instagram and Facebook. The cyber world has become a tool for promotion and transaction."

Sustano says traffickers are drawn to social media because, "it is considered more effective, the deal happens directly between seller and buyer, and it is not easy to be detected by law enforcement."

Indonesia is a major transit, source and destination country for human trafficking.

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) estimates that 100,000 children are trafficked each year in Indonesia, with the majority being forced into the sex trade.

All four of those arrested face up to 15 years in prison for violating child protection laws.

Berlin, Germany - 05 21 2016:  Apple iPhone 6s screen with social media applications Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, Youtube, Vimeo, LinkedIn, Pinterest, WhatsApp etc.
Instagram (file picture). Source: istock.com


Record number of asylum seekers in NZ last year

More asylum seekers claimed refuge once they were in New Zealand last year than in any year on record.

China had the highest number of approvals, followed by Russia and Turkey.

Asylum claims grew to 438, but a higher number were rejected compared to previous years.

China has been in the top three countries for asylum approvals for the past 10 years.

Asylum seekers either apply to the Refugee Status Branch once they arrive in New Zealand, or UNHCR-mandated refugees are brought in under the Government refugee quota.

Among refugees who entered through the quota, Syria, Myanmar, Colombia and Afghanistan accounted for three quarters of last year's 1000-strong intake.

The quota will rise to 1500 refugees in 2020.

The most common settlement areas last year were Wellington with 246 refugees and Otago with 182.

Southland had its first 43 Colombian arrivals through the new settlement scheme there.

More than half of Wellington's quota refugees came from Syria and Iran.

No refugees were placed in Canterbury.

Christchurch needed more infrastructure rebuilding before it could become a suitable refugee settlement location again, Immigration New Zealand said last year.

About 20 quota refugees from Afghanistan and Eritrea will be resettled in the city in March next year, with 40 more in the rest of 2019.

There are now seven places where refugees are settled long-term in New Zealand: Auckland, Hamilton, Manawatū, Wellington, Nelson, Dunedin and Invercargill.

The government pulled back the number of quota refugees settling in Auckland in 2016, due to the lack of affordable housing.

Almost 300 were settled there in 2008 compared to 86 last year.

The Government is considering setting up additional settlement locations to accommodate the increase in refugees.


New Zealand had a record number of asylum seekers last year. Source: rnz.co.nz


Police name man killed in fatal Rotorua motorcycle crash

Police have released the name of the person who died in a motorcycle crash in Rotorua earlier this week.

Police car
Police car Source: 1 NEWS

The man was 47-year-old Thomas Hunuhunu of Rotorua.

Police were called to a crash on Deven Street West around 2am on Thursday morning after a motorcycle collided with a tree.

The motorcycle was the only vehicle involved in the crash and the driver died at the scene.

The Serious Crash Unit is still investigating the fatal accident.

Drug testing legalisation at NZ festivals on the cards

The Government is considering legalising drug-testing services at festivals.

A community organisation, Know Your Stuff, said the law hindered people's access to pill testing at events, which put users at risk.

Its managing director Wendy Allison said section 12 of the Misuse of Drugs Act made it a criminal offence to permit a venue to be used for drug consumption, so the presence of pill testing would demonstrate that the event organisers knew that people use drugs.

"Section 12 was never intended to prevent harm reduction services from happening at events."

"An unintended consequence of the Section has been to deter event organisers from providing harm reduction services such as pill testing, removing this barrier is an obvious step towards keeping people safe."

Health Minister David Clark said the coalition Government was dealing with drug use as a health and harm reduction issue.

"In light of this, I've had initial discussions with the Justice Minister about 'drug checking' services.

"Through him, I've asked for advice on the legislative and criminal justice issues around such services."

rnz.co.nz- Chris Bramwell

Johann Hari, who spent several years researching drug use, addiction and treatment for his book, says we’ve misunderstood addiction.
Source: 1 NEWS