Dame Valerie Adams helps rural Waikato girl's shot put dreams come true

A rural Waikato schoolgirl says she won't give up practising shot put until she can throw as far as Dame Valerie Adams after the world champion turned up at school for a surprise coaching session.

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Addison Welch’s school has a population of just 25 and no high performance coaches, until now. Source: Seven Sharp

Addison Welch from the small farming community of Waikaretu really wanted to give shot put a go, TVNZ1's Seven Sharp reported. 

But with a school population of just 25 there's not a lot of specialist sports equipment or high performance coaching. Or at least there wasn't.

Addison entered a competition to win shot put equipment for her much-loved Waikaretu School.

"My grandad and mum went here. And I find it cool because you know everyone, like your brothers and sisters," she said.

"Some people drive past and they don't even know it's a school." 

But someone did stop by - none other than Olympian Dame Valerie, asking for Addison.

"I heard you entered a competition, what was your goal?" Dame Valerie asked Addison.  

"How to throw a shot-put," came the reply.

"Well I'm here to help you," the champion said.

Dame Valerie said Addison's entry for the competition just jumped out.

"The fact that she mentioned that they come from a rural school, and they have limited opportunities - I mean that right there stood out for me."

Addison's a pretty big fan of Dame Valerie.

"She's big, she's strong and just doesn't give up, she keeps on trying."

Addison and her schoolmates tried hard throwing the shot, with tips from Dame Valerie.

And Addison's verdict afterwards - "It was hard! I thought I would be able to throw a bit further, but I didn't really."

So is she going to give up?

"No, I'll keep on trying until I can throw as far as she can," the budding shot putter declared.

It was high fives as Dame Valerie presented some of her medals to Addison - if only to try out wearing them.