Damaged Harbour Bridge causes traffic headache for Auckland motorists

Traffic nightmares continue for Aucklander following two truck crashes on the Harbour Bridge yesterday.

With only four outer lanes of the bridge in operation, the central city is feeling the effects of the build up of traffic coming to and from the city.

Traffic builds up along Auckland's Harbour Bridge following yesterday's crash. Source: NZTA

Yesterday two trucks travelling southbound along the bridge were toppled by a massive gust of wind, damaging the bridge's superstructure and grinding traffic to a halt along Auckland's arterial routes. 

Minimal capacity has caused traffic to bank up today along State Highway 1, causing significant delays for commuters. 

Waka Kotahi NZTA is urging Aucklanders to consider working from home if possible with repairs expected to take some time, helping halve the bridge's capacity.

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A truck blew over in strong winds damaging the bridge. Source: 1 NEWS

In an effort to ease the strain, commuters are encouraged to take the Western Ring Route bypassing the Harbour Bridge by taking State Highways 20, 18 and 16. 

On average, over 170,000 motorists cross over the Auckland Harbour Bridge during the week with the eight lanes alternating four times a day to deal with capacity. 

With a steel upright beam having been severely damaged in the crash, major repairs on the bridge could mean the lanes remain closed for "several days and potentially weeks" according to NZTA.