Daisy the hospital cat returns home nearly one week after going missing

Daisy the hospital cat has been found nearly one week after going missing from Waitākere Hospital.

Daisy the hospital cat. Source: Facebook / Chelsea Smith

The two-year-old ragdoll-cross, a frequent visitor to the hospital, was last seen at her home on Tuesday, January 12.

The friendly feline was found today on Triangle Road, around 2 kilometres away from her home, owner Chelsea Smith said today on Daisy's dedicated Facebook page.

"Daisy is safe and well spending time at home for now," Smith said.

"Thank you to Vika for helping me get the collar back on her. Still a work in progress. Thank you to all of you who have taken the time to look for her. She is very much loved by many."

Daisy tucks into a meal before returning home. Source: Facebook / Megan Jackson

Megan Jackson, who found Daisy with her partner and sister, said on Facebook this evening that she had been "hanging around our house on Triangle Rd for a few days," adding that they "didn’t know who Daisy was."

"It was because of all of you sharing and spreading the information that a post popped up on my news feed and I recognised her as Daisy the hospital cat from the article," she said.

Jackson accompanied her Facebook post with photos of Daisy "the 20 or so mins she was in our care."

Daisy around 20 minutes before returning home. Source: Facebook / Megan Jackson

"When Chelsea came to pick her up she just walked into her cage and sat down as if to say 'okay, I’m ready to go home now,'" she said.

"Thank to everyone for sharing the information around - that’s what truly helped her get home!"