'How to Dad' video star says it's crazy he gets asked for 'full on advice' on parenting

The man behind the Kiwi video sensation 'How to Dad' says it's crazy that viewers message him on social media asking for "full on advice" on looking after babies.

Jordan Watson’s videos featuring his baby have amassed millions of views – but that doesn’t mean they’re netting him dollars. Source: Seven Sharp

Jordan Watson's latest tongue-in-cheek video "How to travel with a baby" has had 15 million views and 211,000 likes on Facebook.

Seven Sharp reports Mr Watson hasn't made any big money from the videos yet, but he has had heaps of feedback.

In one of his videos, he demonstrates how to wash a baby in a sink with the dishes, which he says was very tongue-in-cheek and "every Kiwi's done it".

He says someone messaged him saying "you can't do that to a baby".

He says he replied to them, "If anyone is taking the advice on this page seriously I'm worried for you." 

Mr Watson told seven Sharp:  "The other craziest thing is that people actually write my page and private message and me ask for full on advice. And I'm...what do I do?" 

It all began last year after a mate had a baby and needed advice.

"I thought it could be quite funny to do a 'How to hold a baby' video for him," Mr Watson said.

"It went nuts, it went all round the world."

Whatever people get out of Jordan Watson's videos, they love them, so he puts up a new clip every Monday.

He says the secret ingredient is "definetly baby cuteness". 

That's happily provided by 18-month-old daughter Alba.