How to Dad hoping to become paperback sensation with new parenting book

Kiwi Youtube sensation Jordan Watson is capitalising on his fame and has put his popular How to Dad tips and tricks into a book. 

Jordan Watson became a Youtube sensation with his brilliant videos featuring his young daughter. Source: Seven Sharp

"They said, 'if you can get it done in a week, we'll make you a book'," Mr Watson told Seven Sharp.

"So I came home, put some photos together, wrote some jokes and some stories and cellotaped it together and here we are."

How To Dad is becoming a wee empire with around one million Facebook fans and plenty of supermarket ones too. 

However, negotiations with celebrity talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres are yet to arise. 

"Ellen never called me, unless I missed a message or something. No, she still hasn't called. Ellen only likes one-off wonders, you know? And so I'm out of her books," Mr Watson says.

The online sensation says he isn't rich - yet. 

"The only way we're making money is by having our videos go really big and someone might go, 'Oh, I'd love to work with that guy'," he says. 

He's hoping to sell a lot of books but, books need publicity. Which is why he's making a brand new video. 

"It's basically about dads and how we read and usually it's on the toilet," Mr Watson says.