Cyclone Gita latest: 'Significant weather' heading our way from 'troublemaker to the north'

Just what parts of New Zealand will be affected by the forecast arrival of cyclone Gita is up in the air.

In a weather update this afternoon TVNZ meteorologist Dan Corbett describes the cyclone as the "troublemaker to the north" which is passing by New Caledonia were it will "start to get chewed apart".

"Where it (Cyclone Gita) turns and how quickly it comes towards us looks to be the key to where it most impacts the country (New Zealand)," Corbett says.

Jane Foster said Oxfam is still waiting for contact to be re-established with two of Fiji's southern Lau islands, after the edge of Gita brushed them yesterday. Source: Breakfast

"Sometime Tuesday looks like we could be getting into some pretty rough weather."

On Sunday Gita will start to come in towards the Tasman Sea, Corbett says, "where will it get grabbed and the angle it'll come in – that's the key going in to Monday".

Corbett says there are "a lot of different" scenarios as to where Gita will go.

"You want to keep a heads up from as far North as Auckland, Taranaki,  the West Coast”

"There's some significant weather to head our way."