Cunliffe's wife 'signed his political death warrant' with Twitter rant

David Cunliffe's wife has destroyed her husband's political career by anonymously attacking his rivals within the Labour Party on Twitter, ONE News readers say.

Source: 1 NEWS

Karen Price said this morning she deeply regretted creating the Twitter account after the election in which she criticised Labour MPs including Trevor Mallard and Clayton Cosgrove.

ONE News readers have reacted to Ms Price's actions on Facebook today, saying that what she did was "pathetic" and "shameful".

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Scott Guthrie posted: "She signed her husband's political death warrant by doing this. Whether it be Prime Minister or leader of the opposition you need to have a credible partner who has integrity and respect, she has none of the aforementioned at all."

Leigh McMeeken commented: "Who needs enemies when you have family members destroying your career! She should have known better."

Tanya Ward-Robinson said it was "not a bright idea, from a normally bright lady", while Stewart Rose said it was just another case of "Labour tearing themselves apart instead of dealing with real issues".

Others suggested that she should have learned from the Dirty Politics scandal.

However, some ONE News readers did praise her for posting the tweets, saying that she had "guts" and was "standing by her man".

Ms Price said in a statement that her actions "were ill-judged and were the result of extreme frustration and trying to look after my husband and family."

Meanwhile a poll by this afternoon gives Mr Cunliffe little chance of returning to the leadership.

Asked "How do you rate David Cunliffe's chances of being re-elected as Labour leader?", 90% of respondents ticked "No chance", with the other 10% giving him an "average" chance and no one so far giving him a "good chance".