CTV engineer suspended and fined over failure to disclose

The engineer who designed the CTV building which collapsed killing 115 people in the 2011 earthquake has been suspended and ordered to pay $10,000 towards the cost of the inquiry into his conduct.

David Harding. Source: 1 NEWS

David Harding was investigated by the Disciplinary Committee of the Institute of Professional Engineers (IPENZ) and has been suspended from the register of Chartered Professional Engineers.

It concluded that: "Mr Harding contravened the CPENG code of ethical conduct when he failed to mention in his application for reassessment as a Chartered Professional Engineer that in 1986 he designed the CTV Building which collapsed as a result of the February 22, 2011 earthquake killing 115 people. His application process began five months after the collapse."

The committee added: "By failing to disclose his involvement in the design of the CTV building, Mr Harding denied his peers the opportunity to make a judgement regarding the relevance of his involvement in the design of the CTV building when assessing Mr Harding's current competence as a professional engineer."

The findings will be publicly notified on Saturday.