Crown says death of Susan Burdett has all the hallmarks of Malcolm Rewa attack

The death of Susan Burdett had all the hallmarks of a Malcolm Rewa attack, the High Court in Auckland has heard.

The Crown is giving its closing address to the jury as Rewa's trial for Ms Burdett's 1992 killing comes to a close.

Prosecutor Gareth Kayes says Rewa is guilty of raping and murdering Ms Burdett at her Papatoetoe, Auckland home for two reasons.

He says her attack had all the hallmarks of a typical Rewa attack.

Evidence from 20 of his rape victims show this.

Secondly he says the fact that Rewa’s semen was found in her body shows the attack happened as she undressed that night rather than earlier in the evening as claimed by Rewa.

The Crown is calling Rewa’s story that they shared a sexual relationship as all lies and totally inconsistent with the facts.

The Crown says Rewa regularly threatened fatal violence against his other rape victims to compel submission.

Ms Burdett had a baseball bat for protection and as she most likely fought back, Rewa grabbed what was at hand, the baseball bat and he administered fatal force.

He testified that he had an intimate relationship with murder victim Susan Burdett, but the Crown says he’s a liar.
Source: 1 NEWS