Crowdfunding page set up to pay for 'hefty' medical bill after Kiwi woman spent three days in US desert with broken pelvis

A Kiwi woman who spent several days in a US desert, drinking her own urine to survive is being supported by a crowdfunding page set up to help with medical costs.

Claire Nelson had to resort to drastic measures to survive the US desert after she fell while hiking. Source: 1 NEWS

Claire Nelson, from Auckland, was hiking through Joshua Tree National Park when she slipped, breaking her pelvis and rendering her immobile.

The 36-year-old spent three days in the desert before she was found and airlifted to a hospital in Palm Springs, California.

Ms Nelson has medical travel insurance but "the bill is still going to be hefty", the GoFundMe page states.

"Two helicopters, round-the-clock meds and opioids, multiple x-rays and CT scans, surgery by a pelvic specialist and ongoing physical therapy... It sure adds up.

"We’d be so grateful for any contributions to these medical costs, no matter how small. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Claire Nelson is asking for help with her medical costs after breaking her pelvis in a US desert. Source: GoFundMe / Claire Nelson