Cromwell community comes together to help 3-year-old Harry

The Cromwell community is getting in behind a three year old with cerebral palsy who hopes to one day play rugby and golf.

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Harry Finch, 3, has just undergone what is hoped to be a life-changing operation. Source: 1 NEWS

Harry Finch has just come back from the USA where he underwent surgery, and dad Hayden says it has given him a lot more mobility in his limbs which could help him walk in the future "with a lot of hard work".

The trip cost about $150,000 - now money from the sale of several new container homes being built by locals will help pay for the ongoing care that Harry needs.

Builder Derek Craig is the man behind that effort.

"We're looking at $100,000 for the family, by the time we've paid everything - that's our aim and at this point it looks pretty good," Mr Craig said.

Harry's mum Bex says Derek is "incredible for what he has done for our family and for other families.

"He is just a very kind person, very giving, and that's what makes this possible for our son - people like that.

"We could not do this alone."

But Derek's a bit more humble.

"Hayden's a friend of mine, and when a friend's in trouble, you help them out."