Critically-injured Dunedin woman fined $100 for leaving Lime scooter after collision with truck

A woman who was critically injured after colliding with a truck while riding a Lime scooter in Dunedin last month has been slapped with a $100 fine after leaving it behind after the crash.

Renee Whitehouse, who is currently recovering from her injuries in Dunedin Hospital, was billed $39.10 for the January 18 ride, which was changed to $100 hours later after the scooter was impounded by police after the incident, the Otago Daily Times reports.

"'I'm reaching out to let you know that a penalty in the amount of $100 will be applied to your account for misuse of scooter 849599,'' Lime wrote.

''Our records indicate that you were the last known user and our operations team is not able to recover the item because it has not been released to the public right of way.''

The University of Otago student said she responded, ''I was hit by a truck and have been in the ICU and surgical wards of the hospital since that night."

''The scooter, I am told, was impounded until the police decide what to do with it.

''You can't possibly charge me any extra.''

A Lime spokesperson has since called Ms Whitehouse's $100 penalty "regrettable" and would make a further statement at a later date, Ms Whitehouse said. However, a statement has not been received as of late last night.

University of Otago vice-chancellor Harlene Hayne said yesterday that helmets would be made available to students and staff using the scooters.

AUCKLAND - OCT 15 2018: Lime electric scooters in Auckland, New Zealand. The scooters have a 48km maximum range. Users find, unlock and pay for them using an app and leave them at their destination.
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