Crikey! It's not their election result that's making Aussies want to fly the coop for NZ

It may not be the return of conservative government in Australia that's driving thousands of Aussies to check out emigrating to New Zealand after all.

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Over 11,000 people logged onto the Immigration NZ website the day after the Aussie election. Source: Seven Sharp

More than 11,500 people logged onto the Immigration New Zealand website on Sunday, the day after the election, compared to about 2000 last week. 

Then social media began buzzing with Aussies praising our PM.

But before anyone jumps to rash conclusions - like a roo running awry in Randwick - Seven Sharp's Jeremy Wells came up with some other possible reasons Australians want to move even further downunder.  

His list includes the right to kill opossums and even make them into pies in New Zealand where the forest-eating pests are the scourge of our native birdies. If you kill a possum in Australia, you go to jail. 

Another attraction he uncovered is the chicken Double Down, currently only available in New Zealand. 

Then there are our road cones. We have more per capita than anywhere in the free world, Wells reported. 

And Kiwi rain is the best rain and the "new gold", he reckoned.

The number one reason Wells thinks Australians want to come is the fibrous glory of our Vogel's bread

And for a Kiwi combo he thinks it's worth immigrating for, watch Jeremy Well's report in the video above.