Crew member on ship in Taranaki under investigation after weak positive followed by negative test

A crew member on a ship berthed in Taranaki is under investigation after they returned a weak positive followed by a negative test result.

Covid-19 test. Source:

The results from the ship, Boka Summit, were part of Covid-19 testing prior to a crew change.
At this stage the result fits the pattern of a historical infection, the Ministry of Health said in a statement this evening. The result of a serology test is expected tomorrow and will provide more information and the case remains under investigation.
The ship will be moving from its berth out to sea along with other vessels in port due to forecast bad weather. It is expected to re-berth back in Port Taranaki after the weather has passed in the next 72 hours.
Prior to arriving in New Zealand, the ship has been at sea for a month after leaving Singapore and none of the crew have reported any symptoms in that time, including the current crew member under investigation.
A small number of shore workers have been in contact with the ship during its time in port and all were wearing the appropriate PPE and taking appropriate precautions.