Covid-19 vaccine likely to be rolled out near end of 2021 - vaccinologist

Vaccinologist Helen Petousis-Harris says a vaccine for Covid-19 is unlikely to be rolled out until the end of next year.

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Helen Petousis-Harris says she is 95 per cent sure "we're going to have something in the relatively near future". Source: Q+A

"I'm about 95 per cent sure we're going to have something in the relatively near future," Dr Petousis-Harris told TVNZ1's Q+A with Jack Tame. 


"There might be a few candidate(s) ready or registered by the end of the year for wider use, that doesn't mean it's landing in the GP's fridge at that time," she said.  

She said it was estimated it could be rolled out "over a period next year, perhaps towards the end of next year".

"You've got to make a lot of it, and that's one of the big barriers." 

She said a vaccine that gets into human trials had about 15-20 per cent chance of success.

"There's going to be some successes and a bunch of failures as well."