Covid-19 update: NZ now at 10 days without any new cases, with one case still remaining active

The Ministry of Health has announced there continues to be no new cases of coronavirus in New Zealand for the tenth-straight day, as the country's active cases remains at one. 

A scanning electron microscope image of SARS-CoV-2, in yellow, known as 2019-nCoV - the virus that causes COVID-19. Source: NIAID/Public Domain

Today's news means that the number of people in New Zealand who have or have had Covid-19 remains at 1504, with 1154 confirmed cases.

Of those, 1481 people have recovered from the virus, with the country's death toll still sitting at 22. 

Only 626 tests for coronavirus were conducted yesterday, taking the number of tests completed to date to 281,609. 

The Ministry of Health says lower testing numbers have been noted to regularaly decrease over long weekends and the drop this weekend won't come as a surprise.

"People will have been taking advantage of the renewed ability to travel and enjoy the break."

There are 64 active community based testing stations for coronavirus as of last Friday, with 105 designated health practices available for testing. 

A further 8000 New Zealanders have registered on the Government's Covid-19 tracer app, taking the total number to 476,000. 

More than 20,700 posters with unique QR codes have been created by businesses to be used for customers in terms of contact tracing through the app so far.