Covid-19 privacy leak admission 'hugely damaging' for National party, says 1 NEWS political reporter

The Covid-19 leak admissions from National MP Hamish Walker and former National president Michelle Boag is "hugely damaging" for the National Party, says 1 NEWS political reporter Maiki Sherman.

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National leader Todd Muller has his own shambles to deal with after a National MP and a former party president admitted being the sources of the Covid0-19 patients’ details, Maiki Sherman says. Source: 1 NEWS

Mr Walker admitted he was behind the privacy leak of Covid-19 patient details in a statement this evening.

His announcement was followed 10 minutes later by a press release from Ms Boag revealing she was the one who leaked those details to the Clutha Southland MP.

National MP and ex-National president admit leaking Covid-19 patient details

The actions from a sitting National MP and a former party president are “hugely damaging for the National party”, says Sherman.

Sherman said the admissions were not only a "bad look" but also "bad strategically for the National Party" after continued pressure on the Government over its border bungles. 

Mr Walker said tonight the details were given to him “by a source”, and that he leaked the information “to expose the Government’s shortcomings”.

He added that he never intended for the personal details of patients to be leaked and he has received legal advice that he has not committed any criminal offence.

Ms Boag admitted she got access to those Covid-19 patient details in her role as the acting chief executive of the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust.

Meanwhile, National leader Todd Muller says Mr Walker made an "error of judgement" and he has transferred Mr Walker’s Forestry, Land Information and Associate Tourism portfolio responsibilities to Ian McKelvie.