Covid-19 contact tracing apps must have clear privacy boundaries, Privacy Foundation warns

The Privacy Foundation says New Zealanders are more likely to cooperate with potential contact-tracing apps if they know exactly where their data is going.

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More Kiwis will support contact tracing apps if they know where their data is going, Gehan Gunasekara says. Source: Breakfast

Speaking this morning to TVNZ 1's Breakfast ahead of the Government releasing their audit into contact tracing which has taken place in New Zealand to track Covid-19, foundation chair Gehan Gunasekara said the nation wants transparency.

The Foundation had been among those calling for the public release of Dr Ayesha Verall's audit.

"At the moment, it's just a big black hole - people have no idea how the contact tracing process works," Mr Gunasekara said.

The release of the audit should help Kiwis understand and be reassured by the contact tracing process, but any new developments like apps which track people need to have clear boundaries, he said.

"We think that, sure, there may be a case for supplementing contact tracing with apps - but you're collecting people's data," he said.

"We think the public will be happy to share their data if it's held securely and is only going to be used for that purpose."