Court told of moment childcare worker allegedly revealed she'd washed child's mouth with soap

A senior representative of a daycare centre has described the moment she was told a child's mouth had been washed out with soap by a teacher.

Lynn Abraham is on trial, accused of smacking and force-feeding pre-schoolers. Source: 1 NEWS

Lynn Abraham is accused of assaulting nine preschoolers in 11 separate incidents at Bright Minds in St Johns, and is on trial in the Auckland District Court.

It is alleged the 59-year-old smacked and force-fed children in her care.

The Crown says she taped shut one child's mouth and put soap in another child's mouth.

The senior representative from the daycare centre, who has name suppression, described the moment in April 2016 when she says Abraham told her she had washed out a child's mouth with soap.

"I said at what level do you think that's okay? How do you think you can do that to a child?"

"I recall saying this is very serious, it could be child abuse."

Abraham said she felt she had to follow through, after threatening to wash out the child's mouth earlier, the witness told jurors.

A meeting was called with the child's parents to discuss his behaviour but they were not told of the mouth-washing incident.

The senior representative said in retrospect, that was the wrong decision.

The trial continues.