Court action gains temporary reprieve for ringbarked kauri

An application for interim orders to stop the destruction of a kauri tree in West Auckland has been granted by the High Court.

The injunction means all activity has been halted on site until the hearing next year and prevents further harm to both the kauri and rimu pending the judicial review.

Conservation group Save Our Kauri releases footage of the moment the Paturoa Kauri was ring-barked this morning. Source: 1 NEWS

A 32-year-old man has been charged with trespass after spending several days in the kauri tree.

The man walked into the Henderson Police Station this afternoon and was charged before being released on bail.

Save Our Kauri Community Group is asking the court to review the consents allowing the kauri and rimu trees to be cut down.

"After the shocking attack today the community have once again rallied together to save our kauri," spokesperson Aprilanne Bonar says.

The group says the current situation is an example of systemic failure and the community voice has not been heard.

In March Michael Tavares occupied the ancient kauri tree for three days and descended after an open letter indicated that the native trees would be saved by the developers.

In December the community stepped in again after contractors came on site to fell the trees.

People are watering the ancient kauri tree and applying moss where it was cut and ring-barked this morning.