Couple quarantining at Pullman Hotel skip exercise breaks over Covid-19 transmission fears

A guest staying inside the same managed isolation facility linked to three positive cases of Covid-19 says he's surprised how lax some restrictions are at being upheld. 

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Kieran Wright says he won’t be leaving his room for the rest of his time in isolation to prevent any risk of contracting Covid-19. Source: Breakfast

Kieran Wright, who is on his tenth day in the Pullman Hotel after returning from the US with his boyfriend, says the Ministry of Health should be actively limiting the need for guests to leave their rooms. 

Wright and his partner have opted out of taking their government sanctioned exercise break in an effort to reduce any risk of contracting the virus. 

"To be honest, it's quite surprising that this wasn't a policy that was already implemented, that it took it [coronavirus] getting out in the community for them to realise it was something they needed to do". 

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The Covid-19 Response Minister said guests at the Pullman are now essentially in lockdown while processes are investigated. Source: Breakfast

While military personnel are stationed inside the managed isolation facility to enforce social distancing, guests are still able to exercise in the same proximity as other guests who have may not returned a negative second Covid-19 test yet. 

Two people who completed quarantine alongside Northland case being treated as confirmed Covid-19 infections

If a guest orders anything from surrounding businesses during their stay in managed isolation, the goods are left at reception for collection. 

However Wright believes the Government needs to careful consider limiting points of contact for guests during their stay. 

Full list of locations linked to two new Auckland Covid-19 community cases

This comes after a Northland woman tested positive for coronavirus days after the end of her stay at the same facility and is thought to have contracted it during her stay. 

The Ministry of Health also confirmed late last night that two other returnees who have completed their two weeks in managed isolation at the Pullman also tested positive.

Health official today are continuing to work to determine the point of transmission.