Couple finds 37 litres of water in beloved Mustang after leaving in care of Air NZ parking


What happens when you go away on holiday and leave your car parked with Air New Zealand parking, only to find something weird has happened to it when you get back?

Mark and Janine Bedford returned from holiday to find their car filled with nearly 40 litres of water.
Source: Fair Go

Well weird might be an understatement for Mark and Janine Bedford.

Their beautiful 2012 Mustang Shelby GT500 was soaked in water, and we're not just talking a bit of water, we're talking nearly 40 litres of water.

Carpet cleaners, and John Andrew Ford removed all the water, and then it was tested to ensure there was no way the car had leaked. It hadn't.

In another bizarre twist, the Bedfords' garage door remote had been removed from the Mustang and was back at Air New Zealand parking.

The other thing John Andrew Ford discovered on carrying out the diagnostics was that the car had been revved to the redline – which as you can imagine is not good for the car.

Fair Go went to Air New Zealand for answers – they apologised for the "inconvenience caused" and are working with the Bedfords' insurance company to come to a resolution.

They deny that the car was "redlined" in their care and say the car did not leave their premises.

And as for that 37 litres of water? Well Air New Zealand says the car was parked under a canopy, and during heavy rain the water pooled, and funnelled down in a single stream to the car. They say this could have contributed to the water damage.

How the water got in there? No answer on that one – but we put the car through a car wash (which has on average 150 litres) and not a single drop came in the car.

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