'A couple of burns along the way' - Todd Muller describes his first week as National leader

Todd Muller says he "loved it", when asked to describe his first week as leader of the National Party. 

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“It’s a little bit like having your mouth over a fire hydrant,” the new Opposition leader said. Source: 1 NEWS

"It’s a little bit like having your mouth over a fire hydrant," Mr Muller said. "A couple of burns along the way, but it’s great, I've thoroughly enjoyed it," Mr Muller said. 

"I’ve got a great team."

One week ago, Mr Muller was announced as leader of National after rolling predecessor Simon Bridges. 

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It started with a diversity faux pas and ended with his first policy announcement. Source: 1 NEWS

In his first week, Mr Muller committed to National's election policies of raising the retirement age in 2037, reinstating oil and gas exploration, and promised to give small businesses $10,000 for each new staff member (up to 10) that it hires. 

On Tuesday, National's leadership team incorrectly described their finance spokesperson Paul Goldsmith as Māori, after questions about the lack of Māori MPs in their top 12 line-up. 

"The caucus is diverse," Mr Muller said at the time after revealing the party's revised rankings.

Mr Goldsmith told media that he was not Māori.

"The Goldsmith family have connections with Ngāti Porou," he said. "My great-great grandfather had European wives and Māori wives, so I’ve got lots of relatives across Ngāti Porou."

Mr Muller also was forced to make a u-turn over his controversial Donald Trump "Make America Great Again" cap.

He told 1 NEWS on May 23 the MAGA cap, along with his Hillary Clinton pins he got from the 2016 Republican and Democratic conventions, would be displayed in his new office as leader of the Opposition.  

On Tuesday, he told media he had "made it pretty clear that was a souvenir from a political junkie".

"I appreciate for a number of people in New Zealand it has a different perspective. I respect that. I packed it up in a box when I left the office and it'll stay in the box."

Today, Mr Muller said National's priority was rebuilding the economy.

"Today’s first announcement is focused on small business, we’ll stand beside them on what will be a really tough journey for New Zealand’s small business," he said.