Countdown 'deeply sorry' after mislabelling hot cross buns as vegan

Countdown has apologised after discovering its hot cross buns were in fact not vegan - or even vegetarian - despite advertising them as so.

The supermarket chain posted a statement to its Facebook page saying, "To all our customers who have recently bought our hot cross buns, today our supplier has let us know that the glaze on our hot cross buns isn’t vegetarian as we were told it was due to a mistake in their warehouse.

"We were proud to provide a vegetarian hot cross bun in our stores for the first time, and are really disappointed that this has happened," the statement says.

Countdown has since made sure the glaze on its hot cross buns will not contain gelatine - a product derived from bones, connective tissue and skin of animals - and promised the new product would be available in store from this Saturday.

"We’re deeply sorry for this mistake and we’re working with our supplier to make sure it can’t happen again," the post says.

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Source: 1 NEWS