Councillor says New Plymouth Mayor walking away following racial hate was 'sadly predictable'

A New Plymouth councillor has said the racial abuse which forced the city's mayor to not seek re-election is "sadly predictable".

New Plymouth councillor George Wood told ONE News Andrew Judd's decision was "bitter sweet".

The New Plymouth Mayor last night announced on Seven Sharp he will not seek re-election after being harassed and abused for supporting local Maori.

"He [is] a good man - he's found the price of trying to represent the community too high," Mr Wood said.

He said the way Mr Judd was treated by fellow councillors and members of the community was "wrong" and "sadly predictable".

Mr Judd said he has been spat on by a woman in a supermarket while with his children.

Mr Judd, who admitted he is also a "recovering racist", said: "I'm not seeking re-election, no, as much as I want to, I know it will be used as a fight to hurt us further."

"We need to look after each other, we need to look after our indigenous people, if we can't do that how on earth are we going to grow and become this multicultural country we say we are going to be."

Andrew Judd says people attacked him in supermarkets in front of his children over his policies – and it was just too much. Source: 1 NEWS