'How could you not turn up to a four-year-old?' - Auckland police hearts melted by boy's 111 invite to his birthday party

Police in Auckland say they had to turn up to a four-year-old boy's fifth birthday party after he called 111 to invite them.

Zachary Bryant police themed celebration had some special visitors. Source: 1 NEWS

Zachary Bryant was faced with a bit of an emergency. His police-themed birthday party was in just a few week's time and he couldn't find a police officer to attend.

Out of options, he dialled 111, not once but three times, but hung up before getting through. 

Then his Mum, Sarah, got a surprise call-back from the police, checking everything was okay.

Asked today by 1 NEWS did she ever think the police would actually then show up?, Sarah said: "No! It was a surprise."

That's thanks to Senior Constable Garry Boles.

"How could you not turn up to a four-year-old who's asked for a bit of attention by police. And we've got to turn up," Senior Constable Garry Boles said.

The officers were off duty, so callouts weren't affected by their attendance at Zac's party last Saturday. 

It was a birthday wish come true, because Zachary thought to pick up the phone to ask. 

Zac's Dad said his son was just stoked and couldn't believe it when they turned up. 

But officer Boles does have a message for kids and their parents

"111 is for emergency messages, and that's one thing we do need to reiterate." 

Though it was a successful recruitment mission.

Asked today what he wants to be when he grows up, Zac declared: "A policeman!"

Already plans are underway for next year's birthday and Zac says the theme will be, "Fire truck!"