Could you contribute more to KiwiSaver and be eligible for a $500 top up?

Some people signed up to KiwiSaver may be missing out on hundreds of dollars every year by not meeting a contribution threshold.

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Around $785 million goes unclaimed – are you one of those missing out on getting their share? Source: Seven Sharp

The Government has set aside $785 million to top up KiwiSaver contributions, almost half of which goes unallocated.

The tax credit isn't available to those under 18, over 65 and those not in KiwiSaver.

However, the money can be claimed every year by having added at least $1042 to your KiwiSaver account by June 30.

This means some people working part-time in KiwiSaver may not meet the requirements to receive the top up.

The maximum Government top up you can be eligible for amounts to $521.43 and is paid out in July and August each year automatically by your KiwiSaver provider.