'It could jeopardise teacher safety' - concerns over new laws guiding when teachers can intervene in school fights




A new set of guidelines around the use of physical force by teachers are on track to be made into law, despite some concerns by educators.

A mother has called for greater security following the South Island incident.
Source: 1 NEWS

The issue of violence in schools has been raised by a string of shocking videos posted online.

In the latest, a student was shown being knocked unconscious and left with chipped teeth in a horrifying attack last week at Ashburton College.

The issue of violence in schools saw the government put new laws in place surrounding the level of physical restraint teachers can use.

"It's really rare for situations to happen where teachers have to step in," said the PPTA's Melanie Webber.

"We don't want that to be what we rely on but if that is happening teachers need to feel able to intervene."

There were concerns, however.

"It could jeopardise teacher safety as well because they would be in danger of being prosecuted if they stepped in and someone decided that wasn't a serious enough threat," said Melanie Webber.

The Ministry of Education says the new legislation will provide "greater legal certainty" and how and when teachers can use physical restraint. 

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