Corin Dann says bottom lines can be worked around, expects 'crazy and intense' five days if centre-left pick up more seats




The time between the release of the special vote results and the predicted announcement of the next government in New Zealand "will be a crazy five days", says 1 NEWS political editor Corin Dann. 

The 1 NEWS political editor is expecting a "crazy" five days if the centre-left picks up a couple more seats after the special votes are counted.
Source: Breakfast

But when it comes to Winston Peters' political 'bottom lines', aside from the promise to re-enter the Pike River Mine, former National Party president Michelle Boag says Mr Peters' promises are all up in the air. 

"I agree with her," says Dann. 

"I'm not a great believer that bottom lines can't be worked around."

Dann thought the Pike River mine bottom line was "pretty clear", but it may not be "quite as the bottom line" Mr Peters had previously said.  

"It still won't mean that Winston Peters won't go in there and demand... something on superannuation or that he could come out with something that says immigration will be cut, so in a sense they're bottom lines, but you can be incredibly creative with coalition negotiations."

Parties could promise the NZ First leader inquiries, investigations, and put money aside for things.

"They can be creative and work around those bottom lines," Dann said. 

Dann said if the centre-left picked up another seat or two when the special votes were counted, it would lead to a crazy and intense five says ahead of Mr Peters' October 12 deadline for declaring his intentions for the next government. 

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