Cop at National MP's careless driving trial claims protester walked into 'idling' car

A police officer says protester Tracey Treadwell walked into MP Chester Borrows' car after he had dragged her away, a court has heard.

The trial of former courts minister Chester Borrows began today in Whanganui. He's accused of one count of careless driving causing injury to two people, and is defending the charge.

Chester Borrows is accused of hitting two protesters with his car. Source: 1 NEWS

Ms Treadwell was one of a group of anti-TPP protesters gathered at the Collegiate Motor Inn on March 22 last year.

Mr Borrows and cabinet minister Paula Bennett - who was a passenger in the car - had attended a breakfast event inside.

Constable Robert Parsons said Ms Treadwell was "pretty close" to Mr Borrows' car and said: "It's pretty silly, walking into a car".

Mr Parsons said Treadwell and fellow complainant Denise Lockett walked into a driveway as the Whanganui MP tried to leave a motel with Ms Bennett.

"These three protestors stepped in front of the car, they weren't moving," Mr Parsons said.

He grabbed Ms Treadwell, and another officer took hold of Ms Lockett.

"I remember her [Treadwell] moving back. I thought she had walked into the panel where the wheel was."

He disputed earlier evidence by Ms Lockett that Mr Borrows' car sped up.

"I don't recall it speeding up."

He confirmed it was at "idling pace."

Mr Borrows doesn't deny driving the car but is defending one count of careless driving causing injury to two people.

His statement to police was read to the Whanganui District Court this afternoon. He said he "inched" forward in the way he was taught to drive as a police officer. 

"I was prepared to stop and was confident I could stop," his statement read.

He said he was afraid protesters would climb on the car, try to get in or throw an object at windows. 

"There was no bump or thump to indicate I'd hit anybody," his statement read.

The judge will decide overnight if the case will continue. 

Was a protester threatening Paula Bennett with a dildo?

Chester Borrows. Source: 1 NEWS

Earlier, evidence at the trial of Mr Borrows centred on whether a protester was threatening Cabinet Minister Paula Bennett with a dildo.

The court heard how anti-TPP activist Philip Rewiti brought a sex toy to a protest outside a motel, where Mr Borrows and Mr Bennett were attending a breakfast.

He'd bought it at a two dollar shop and scrawled "Paula B" on the plastic toy.

Woman tells court of the moment she was allegedly struck with car driven by MP: 'Horror flooded all the way through me'

After the court was shown footage of the incident this morning, Mr Rewiti was asked if he'd been waving the sex toy at Mrs Bennett.

"Before this you had your dildo out, waving it around," defence lawyer Nathan Bourke said.

"You not only had your dildo out. You were yelling 'I’ve got a present for you'?"

Mr Rewiti admitted police had warned him he'd be arrested if he threw the dildo, but couldn't recall if he'd had it in the car, or in his hand.

The court earlier heard Mr Rewiti had posted on Facebook a link to Mrs Bennett talking about sexual violence, with the comment "see you shortly, bitch", and a picture of the dildo.

Mr Rewiti said he'd bought the plastic toy in a $2 shop.

Mr Bourke said it was "a threat" to Mr Bennett, and Mr Rewiti was inspired by an earlier protest when minister Steven Joyce was hit in the face with a dildo.

Judge Stephanie Edwards said she would make public her decision at 11am.