Controversial Wicked Campers erased from 'family-friendly' Lonely Planet guides

Controversial campervan hire company Wicked Campers will be erased from the next New Zealand and Australia editions of the popular Lonely Planet travel guide.

Wicked Campervans are known for controversial slogans on their vehicles but Women’s Refugee say they have gone too far. Source: 1 NEWS

Wicked Campers has been slammed for offensive slogans towards women displayed on their vans, that are frequently seen travelling around New Zealand.

A Lonely Planet spokesperson has confirmed any reference to Wicked Campers will be removed from the 18th edition of the guidebook.

"Lonely Planet is a family-friendly travel company, and there are plenty of alternatives to Wicked Campers for campervan hire in both Australia and New Zealand," the spokesperson said.

Last year 120,000 people signed a petition initiated by Sydney activist Paula Orbea calling Wicked Campers to remove the slogans from their vehicles.

Wicked Campers apologised for their slogans and promised to remove them from their vans. But the hire company didn't carry through with its promise.

Instead it published a press release last Friday where it labelled its critics as "the humour-inept, self-righteous moral majority", and threatened to prosecute anyone who altered any of their vehicles' slogans.

Brisbane-based Wicked Campers was criticised on April 21 by Women's Refuge New Zealand, who said many of the slogans normalise violence toward women and were misogynistic.

The organisation penned an open letter to Wicked Campers, asking it to stop using slogans which may be deemed offensive to women - such as "I've often wanted to drown my troubles - but I can't get my wife to go swimming".

The company declined to speak to ONE News about the issue.

Between 2008 and 2012 the Australian Advertising Standards Board has upheld numerous complaints about offensive slogans and advertising over the company's vehicles.