Controversial Maori drivers policy rewritten to include all races

Police have finally released the new wording for the "Turning the Tides" policy, which controversially gave Maori drivers preferential treatment in South Auckland.

Following two official information act requests, police have released the new wording in the ‘Turning the Tides’ policy guideline. Source: 1 NEWS

A rewrite will now apply the same rules to all drivers on South Auckland streets, after last month's leaked document stated that Maori drivers without a license were to be given the chance to avoid a ticket for driving lessons.

Counties Manukau District Commander John Tims said the policy has taught police a lesson in spell checking.

The official wording of the amended guideline now reads that Maori drivers are to be "considered for" driver training, wording which police said clearly reflects that any driver who mets the criteria can be offered those options, regardless of race.

Police have maintained throughout the saga, that the document was merely a guideline to staff.

Thirty one people have refferred their concerns about the document to the Human Rights Commission, which will decide if there is a case to answer.

"I think if they knew the intent behind what we're doing, I don't see that anyone could see that as negative," Commander Tims said.

Counties Manukau Police said one in 13 drivers had their offence waived under the policy.