Controversial gossip columnist quits Herald for Mediaworks role

The journalist at the centre of the so-called 'Ponytailgate' saga has announced she has resigned from the New Zealand Herald.

Andrew Little addressed the ponytail saga in Parliament today. Source: 1 NEWS

Rachel Glucina wrote a front-page Herald story naming Auckland waitress Amanda Bailey, who had posted a blog online anonymously complaining about repeated hair pulling by Prime Minister John Key at a Parnell cafe.

The Herald maintained that scrupulous methods were used to obtain the story. But Ms Bailey said in a followup blog that she was not aware Ms Glucina was reporting for the Herald when the two spoke, as Ms Glucina had presented herself as a public relations expert working for her employer.

Ms Glucina announced today on Twitter that she had resigned from the Herald after being "headhunted" by MediaWorks.

"I've resigned. MediaWorks has headhunted me for a joint venture partnership to create, run and co-own a new digital entertainment platform," she tweeted.

"I'm sad to leave the Herald after nearly 10 years with the company, but I'm really excited to be moving to a new challenge."

MediaWorks controversially axed the Campbell Live current affairs show earlier this month, leading to widespread protest and some resentment online.