Conservatives: Another one down over 'Colin vs John' battle

John Stringer has resigned as a board member of the Conservative Party.

More than half of the Conservative Party’s board has resigned in the wake of the ongoing scandal around the party’s former leader. Source: 1 NEWS

His resignation has been received by the Party Secretary, Nathaniel Heslop who says Mr Stringer remains a supporter of the Conservative Party, its principles and policies.

The party will hold board elections later this year and in the meantime a provisional board has been established.

Mr Stringer has been caught up in war of words with former party leader Colin Craig who stepped down last month amid allegations about conduct in his relationship with his former press secretary Rachel MacGregor.

Other board members and the party's high-profile chief executive Christine Rankin also quit.

Mr Stringer says he has resigned to move the focus away from "Colin vs John".

"I have never wished this to be a confrontation between Colin and myself, but unfortunately, that is what it has become.

"A principal reason for stepping aside for now, is the online abuse my wife, myself and board members are receiving from the Craig camp...I feel it is incompatible to serve on a neutral Board at this time."

Mr Stringer says he wants to salvage the Conservative Party for the future.

Meanwhile, Mr Stringer says the suspension of Colin Craig from membership of the Conservative Party has been confirmed by the current board.