Confirmed measles case at an New Zealand Post office in Auckland

New Zealand Post says it's proactively helping staff at one of it's Auckland offices work out their immunity status after a case of measles was confirmed there.

The building at 18 Pukekiwiriki Place, Highbrook, houses NZ Post's National Contact Centre and Customer Communications Management teams.

Anyone who visited that address on or after August 17 is considered to be at risk.

"We have been providing public health advice to our people, who are now returning to work once they have confirmed their vaccination status and been given the all-clear," NZ Post said in a statement. 

"We’re working closely with public health officials, given this is a community wide issue, and providing advice for our people," a spokesperson told 1 NEWS. 

"For those who work in same building where the case of measles were confirmed we are proactively helping them work out their immunity status – this includes doctors visits and arrangements for being away from the building." 

NZ Post said it is extremely conscious of the public and it's people's safety.  

"We are following all public health advice – and we’re also taking an additionally cautious approach to ensure our people’s safety," the company said. 

NZ Post will be working through any implications for its service and will provide any updates as it can, it said. 

Measles, mumps and rubella vaccines sitting in a cooler. Source: Associated Press