'Cone dog' becomes highlight of group's managed isolation stay in Christchurch

A dog carrying an orange road cone in his mouth past a managed isolation facility in Christchurch has been keeping returnees entertained.

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The unusual sight has been keeping the US Antarctic Program team amused during their 14-day stay in MIQ. Source: Breakfast

Seven-year-old Marco walks past the Crowne Plaza hotel every other day with his mum down to the Avon River carrying the rather large cone in his mouth.

The unusual sight has been a managed isolation highlight for members of the US Antarctic Program currently staying at the hotel.

The hero of their 14-day stay has been affectionately nicknamed "cone dog".

Marco the 'cone dog' illustration by Eric Edwards. (Instagram/@eedwards7891) Source: Breakfast

Marco has been such a hit with the team they’ve commissioned a portrait of "cone dog" by one team member.

All that’s known about the mystery canine is that on his regular walks down to the Avon River with his owner he likes to drown the cone in the water before fishing it out. The pair then make their way past the hotel.

Now the hunt for the road cone-loving dog is on before the group finishes their isolation period on Monday.