Concerns truck licences are up for sale as probe into driver licencing scandal widens

ONE News can reveal three people are now being investigated as an inquiry into bribery and corruption allegations involving driver licencing agents widens.

Police are now also focusing on Vehicle Testing New Zealand – which provides driver testing.

We revealed yesterday that AA booking officer Lovepreet Brar was being investigated for selling drivers licences for $500 or more.

And now we believe police are concerned heavy truck licences are also for sale.

Road safety campaigner Clive Matthew-Wilson says the allegations are serious.

Three inquiries are underway over the number of potentially dodgy licenses Lovepreet Brar issued. Source: 1 NEWS

"Nearly a quarter of the road toll involves trucks," Mr Matthew-Wilson says.

"At least most truck drivers are honest and have licences. If we have a situation where the licence that a truck driver has is in fact a fake this could mean not just one or two but countless preventable deaths."

ONE News has been contacted by several viewers suggesting the alleged fraud stretches to more than the Meadowlands AA centre in East Auckland where Lovepreet Brar worked before resigning yesterday.

Motoring writer Clive Matthew-Wilson says those buying fake licences are dangerous and see a licence simply as a box to tick. Source: Breakfast

Associate Minister of Transport, Craig Foss, says he doesn't care what type of licence or branch is involved.

"It's wrong and people need to maintain our integrity and trust in this system," he says.

"I'm always concerned about safety on the roads from cyclists to truck drivers to cars.

"But at this stage it's very early in the investigation. It's just an allegation so we will just have to wait and see if it is a large scale fraud going on."