Concerns some students at Auckland's Marist College not self-isolating

There have been reports of students at Auckland's Marist College not self isolating even though the school is at the centre of a coronavirus outbreak.

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The school has 16 cases of covid-19 and experts warn this is the way an outbreak can continue to rage out of control. Source: 1 NEWS

So far, nine teachers, the principal and six students from the girl's school have all tested positive for Covid-19.

Board of Trustees chairman Stephen Dallow talked to 1 NEWS about the situation at the college.

"Most of those confirmed feel well now, and it was a short lived thing," he said.

Coronavirus cases in New Zealand rises by 85, with one person in intensive care

However Mr Dallow shared some of the students were not self-isolating properly.

"We had a few contacts from concerned parents that they knew some of the teenagers were meeting up or heading out with their family to do the grocery shopping," he said.

"We reminded our community it is a case of stay home and we want to make sure they understand the importance of staying home at this time."

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There’s fears some may by taking advantage of people’s generosity. Source: 1 NEWS

It comes as a further 85 cases of Covid-19 were announced in NZ today, taking the total to 368.