Concerns poisoned pine trees lining Motutapu Island cliff are an accident waiting to happen

An Auckland skipper is concerned dozens of dead pine trees lining Motutapu Island are an accident waiting to happen.

The Department of Conservation poisoned them in 2015 to prevent them spreading, but now their skeletons haunt skipper Kevin Hester.

"There's no question about it, there's the potential for a catastrophic accident to take place," he told 1 NEWS.

Mr Hester is worried a storm will loosen the pine trees roots, and push them over the edge into the Motuihe Channel.

It is one of the busiest channels in Auckland, ferries pass through hourly to get to and from Waiheke Island, and it is also a popular spot for fishing.

"One of the big ferries going to Waiheke can hit one of those trees, lose steerage and get on the rocks before anyone could get anywhere near it."

Boats cannot get close to the cliff or the will risk hitting rocks, but the concern is fallen trees to float into the channel.

DOC told 1 NEWS the trees don't pose a risk.

"Cutting these tress down would be hazardous because of their location on a cliff above the sea," DOC told 1 NEWS.

"They're rotting from the top down and are collapsing safely to the ground."

"I'd like you to find me a botanist on the planet that will tell you those trees will rot standing and not fall over, the evidence is clear, you can see some of those trees have already come down the cliff," said Mr Hester.

Other boaties have been keeping an eye on the area too. 

"It's already a piece of water where you have to concentrate and take seriously, it could be quite a major if there was a big item in the water at night when you're travelling," one boatie told 1 NEWS.

DOC says rangers will continue to monitor the trees.

Kevin Hester’s worried a storm will loosen the roots sending the dead pine trees over the edge and into the busy Motuihe Channel. Source: 1 NEWS

Police called to Massey High School in Auckland after students from another school attempt to enter grounds

Police attended an incident at Massey High School in Auckland today after students from another school attempt to enter the grounds.

The high school posted about the incident to Facebook this afternoon.

"Massey High School advises that there has been an incident at lunchtime today where several students of another school attempted to enter our grounds.

"The school has followed our standard procedures in this instance and the matter is now at an end. We would like to clarify that there have been no injuries and the school has not been placed in lockdown," the post reads.

An assistant principal of Massey High Schol told 1 NEWS it was a "small incident" and is under control, and that students left like a normal day.

Massey High School. Source: 1 NEWS

Body of missing man pulled from river near Invercargill

The body of a man who went missing on Sunday has been pulled from the Aparima River in Riverton.

Police say the body of Jamie Stephen Boniface was recovered from Aparima River by local divers and the coastguard around 10am.

Mr Boniface, 28, went missing after the dingy he was in overturned on Sunday afternoon.

A police emblem on the sleeve of an officer.
A police emblem on the sleeve of an officer. Source: 1 NEWS


Flashback: Watch 1 NEWS from the day the World Trade Centre was attacked on 9/11

Everyone remembers where they were on September 11, 2001 - and as the world turned on their televisions, 1 NEWS was there.

1 NEWS initiated a special uninterrupted live coverage event in the early hours of September 12, 2001 after news of the attack broke.

The 6pm programme was presented by Richard Long and Judy Bailey and included wire items from numerous American outlets.

Richard Long and Judy Bailey headed the coverage, which was live and uninterrupted throughout the day. Source: 1 NEWS

One person dead after crash in Bay of Plenty

One person is dead after a crash in the Kaimai Ranges, Bay of Plenty, this afternoon.

Police say the crash was reported to emergency services shortly after 2pm on SH29, Old Kaimai Road.

One person was killed in the crash.

Diversions will be in place for some time, and motorists are ask to delay travel if possible.

Police car generic.
Police car generic. Source: 1 NEWS