Concerns from parents, businesses if teachers' strike action continues

Parents and businesses are concerned with the threat of ongoing strike action from teachers after their nationwide industrial action today.

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With school out today many parents coped with the help of employers and family. Source: 1 NEWS

With school out for the day Wellington mum Emma Harris took a day off work to care for her own and other children while their parents worked.

"A couple of them weren't able to take annual leave and were really struggling with what to do ... holiday programmes aren’t running today," she says.

Auckland Spark employee Monique Strawbridge was fortunate enough to bring her son into work and says she was "lucky" to be able to bring him in for the day.

Although many parents are supporting the teachers, talk of ongoing strike action makes it a different prospect and Business New Zealand says talk of more strikes will be concerning for many employers. 

"We don't have a view of what our approach to that would be as yet, but we'll take a similar approach in principle to try and accommodate the needs of staff," Spark leadership team’s Melissa Anastasiou told 1 NEWS.

Ongoing strike action may affect small businesses in particular who will be most vulnerable to staff shortages in the event workers have to stay home to look after their children.