Concern growing over perceived 'club' culture in some churches

Some people have voiced their concern that some churches are developing what one local pastor claims is a "club" mentality.

There is a fear the church is losing its way in the modern world. Source: Seven Sharp

Reverend Charles Waldegrave says the "club' culture is widespread, with the church reluctant to open itself up to interrogation and leaders becoming too self-serving.

The American influence of "gospel prosperity" also continues to make its way to New Zealand shores - some within the church say it's time local leaders condemn the movement.

Leading theologian Dr Jenny Te Paa-Daniel calls the movement "obscene".

"It has its origins somewhere in the charismatic, evangelical movements in the United States, it's at the heart of the televangelist movement, where basically an unashamed bid for money is ostensibly your way to salvation so it's a good deal."

However, Seven Sharp host Hilary Barry pointed out the charitable work many churches around the country carry out.