Community-minded Tasman milkmen use refrigerated trucks to distribute donated goods

A small Kiwi business forced to stop work last week due to the Tasman fire has made the most of the spare time by using its resources to help the community out.

Glass bottle milk delivery company Milk & More was unable to distribute product to Wakefield due to the fire and also temporarily lost two drivers due to their Pigeon Valley homes being caught up in the situation.

But that didn't stop other members of the small company, including Bill Stansbury and Trevor Nicholls, from getting out and about  - offering to use their refrigerator trucks to transport donated goods from neighbouring areas.

Mr Stansbury told John Campbell on TVNZ1/'s Breakfast today, it’s just about helping.

"Our lady over in Marlborough, Mel, got a couple of friends together and said, 'we've got an empty truck going over to Nelson. Anyone who wants to donate, get in touch'.

"They managed to fill up a truck instantly and they’ve now come over twice with two full trucks of food and everything else people have been donating."

The largest supplier of donations Milk & More has worked with has been small Marlborough town Seddon, who has been hit with multiple earthquakes in recent years.

Mr Nicholls said it shows how giving Kiwis are.

"They’ve been through the earthquakes and they were blessed with people helping them and so they’re returning the favour.

"It’s not a big town but it’s generosity beyond their means."

Mr Stansbury added the community spirit being exhibited in the Tasman area over the last week has been special.

"It makes you feel proud to be part of this community and live in this area.

"I’m not sure you would see it in other parts of the world or perhaps parts of New Zealand."

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    Drivers from Milk & More have made the most of their empty trucks and helped spread some classic Kiwi kindness. Source: 1 NEWS