Commerce Commission needs your help to shine a light on internet providers' broadband performance

Getting locked out of the net because of rubbish broadband is an experience we all know.

Now, the Commerce Commission wants 3000 volunteers to help study internet providers.

"We want people with all different patterns of internet use - young people, old people - not just people who are enthusiasts about technical stuff but people who find it unfamiliar, all age groups, all people on different packages," Telco Commissioner Stephen Gale said.

"What we're trying to do with this product, really, is shine a light for consumers about their broadband experience; what they can expect in their home, both with their provider but also on the different technologies, whether it's fibre, whether it's copper or the cable network or fixed wireless," Simon Thomson, head of Telco at the Commerce Commission, said.

To register, you can add your name to the Commerce Commission's website.

"If you are selected you will be provided with a Whitebox (similar to a modem) to plug in at home. The Whitebox performs automated tests on your home internet performance at different times of the day," a statment on the commission's website reads.

Those looking to participate in the survey might be concerned about privacy issues, but the Commerce Commission says it won’t be a problem.

"It doesn't look into your network, it doesn't look in at what you're doing," Mr Thomson said.

"This is not a device that's there to check on what you're doing. What it is doing is making sure you're getting the best connection that you can, and should, expect from your service provider," Mr Thomson said.

The Commerce Commission says the survey will use a very modest amount of data, meaning it won't go over your data cap.

There’s nothing more anger-inducing than useless internet connections. Source: Seven Sharp