Commerce Commission launches investigation into WORLD clothing brand's 'Made in New Zealand' labelling

The Commerce Commission has launched an investigation into New Zealand clothing brand WORLD after receiving nine complaints about the accuracy of the  "Made in NZ" labels on the brand's t-shirts.

The fashion label, headed by Dame Denise L'Estrange-Corbet, has been under fire with accusations they have misled consumers about the origins of their clothing.

A Spinoff investigation on May 7 revealed the WORLD store in Auckland was found to be carrying tags saying "Fabrique En Nouvelle-Zelande" - French for "Made in New Zealand" - while actually being made up of elements manufactured in Bangladesh and China.

"After a preliminary assessment of these complaints, the Commission has opened an investigation," the Commerce Commission said in a statement.

The Commission also reminded all business that "Made In New Zealand" claims must be accurate, able to be substantiated and must not mislead consumers.

"The Fair Trading Act (FTA) prohibits businesses from making false or misleading claims about the country of origin of their products,"  the commission said in a release.

"Symbols such as kiwis or the New Zealand flag can also convey a misleading impression about the origin of the product if, in fact, it is not manufactured or produced in New Zealand."

The commission also offered an explanation on what constituted a product that was "made in New Zealand".

For clothing, where is it changed from fabric into a garment? For food, where were the ingredients grown? For manufacturing, was it substantially manufactured in NZ, where was the primary componentry made and did any substantial stages of manufacture occur overseas?

"For example, if a manufacturing process includes steps taken within New Zealand and overseas, some brands choose to explain this with labelling such as 'Packaged in New Zealand using imported ingredients,'" Commissioner Anna Rawlings said.

WORLD has long claimed its clothes are NZ made but it’s now emerged a small percentage aren’t. Source: 1 NEWS

"For clothing, an accurate claim might say 'Designed in NZ and manufactured in China.'"

WORLD has long claimed its clothes are NZ made but it’s now emerged a small percentage aren’t. Source: 1 NEWS


Person missing after Christchurch home destroyed by fire

One person is still unaccounted for after a house was completely burnt to the ground in Christchurch early this morning. 

The fire service was called to the scene on Coates Road, Birdlings Flat, at around 4am.

A fire spokesperson told 1 NEWS the house was burning strongly upon arrival at the scene.

Two fire trucks and two tankers which were working on fully extinguishing the blaze has since left the scene.

Fire generic
File picture. Source: 1 NEWS


Watch live as Jami-Lee Ross speaks to media after levelling explosive allegations at National leader Simon Bridges

Mr Ross put himself on a collision course with Mr Bridges yesterday. Source: 1 NEWS



Two senior Black Power members charged with murder over shooting death of Whanganui man in August

Two senior Black Power members have been arrested and charged with the murder of Mongrel Mob member Kevin Ratana in Whanganui in August.

A 38-year-old man is due to appear in Whanganui District Court today while a 31-year-old man will appear in Lower Hutt District Court this afternoon.

Ratana, a 27-year-old father-of-four, was shot outside his home on the morning of Tuesday August 21 as he was leaving to go to the gym, Detective Senior Sergeant Philip Skoglund said in a statement.

Two further shots were fired into the house where four adults and two children were taking cover.  

Detective Senior Sergeant Philip Skoglund said bail has been opposed for both men and police anticipate further arrests in the coming days.

Police continue to seek information from the the public about the movements of five men who walked to Ratana’s address on the morning of August 21.

“We're also continuing to seek information regarding a blue Holden Commodore, registration number WU3395; and a white Hyundai Coupe, registration number JJF26, which was found burned out on Seafront Road on the evening of 21 August,” Detective Senior Sergeant Philip Skoglund said.

If you can help, please call Whanganui Police on 06 349 0600 or alternatively information can also be provided anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

The Mongrel Mob member was shot dead last week. Source: 1 NEWS

'Extraordinary', 'raw', 'deeply disappointed' - what National's MPs have to say about Simon Bridges' Jami-Lee Ross problem

As the National Party prepares to hold its caucus meeting, where the fate of renegade MP Jami-Lee Ross will be decided, 1 NEWS spoke to its MPs about a day of high drama. 

Yesterday, leader Simon Bridges named Botany MP Mr Ross as the likely person behind the leak of his travel expenses.

Mr Ross in turn levelled a series of explosive accusations at Mr Bridges.

This is what National's MPs had to say about the matter:

Mr Ross’ fate appears sealed after a day of explosive revelations over the leaking of Simon Bridges’ travel expenses. Source: Breakfast

Amy Adams: "[Jami-Lee Ross' tweets] were extraordinary. I don't think I've seen an MP come out and make those sorts of comments in my time as a parliamentarian."

Corin Dann interviews National’s Finance Spokesperson Amy Adams with her reaction to Budget 2018
Source: 1 NEWS

"I think there's certainly some questions that need to be asked. I think Simon has done an excellent job [at handling the situation] and he's got my full support."

Mark Mitchell: He "absolutely" has confidence in Simon Bridges' leadership, and "it was someone lashing out" in regards to Jami-Lee Ross' tweets. "it was a clear attack on the leader and that's not acceptable."

Mark Mitchell.
Mark Mitchell. Source: NZ Parliament.

He also said he contacted Mr Ross after he went on medical leave, and Mr Ross told him "he was focussed on his recovery". 

Todd Muller: "[Simon Bridges] has managed a very complex and sensitive issue very well." He said Jami-Lee Ross' behaviour was "hugely disappointing".

"It's very raw when it's a colleague who has lashed out as he has." His personal view was Mr Ross could not remain in caucus. 

Chris Penk: Would not comment on Jami-Lee Ross' actions, but said "that much is obvious" when asked about his support for Simon Bridges. "I'm a loyal and unified member of [the National Party] caucus."

Nikki Kaye when asked about Jami-Lee Ross' behaviour: "It's unacceptable and we'll obviously deal with that this morning."

Judith Collins: "I'm deeply disappointed and sad that Jami-Lee Ross behaved like that. I'm absolutely supporting the leader."

Judith Collins says National Party leader Simon Bridges has her support at this morning’s caucus meeting. Source: 1 NEWS

Louise Upston: "We've got an MP that's been going rogue and caucus has an important discussion today. Unity has been our strength and it will continue to be." She called the tweets "absolutely shocking". 

Alfred Ngaro: "It's unfortunate that he's made [the tweets] and when it's out in the public it doesn't do anyone any good." He said he "100 per cent" has confidence in Simon Bridges. He said Mr Ross has always been "a good colleague and a good friend" and he was surprised by his actions. 

Harete Hipango: "I have every confidence in the decision we make as a caucus and I have every confidence in our leader."

Jessica Mutch McKay says Simon Bridges faces a "long, drawn out and embarrassing process to try and get rid of him".
Source: 1 NEWS

Tim Macindoe: "Absolutely 100 per cent" had confidence in Simon Bridges' leadership and was "very disappointed: in Mr Ross' tweets. 

"My advice to him would be think of his family, think of his future and to take responsibility for his actions."

Michael Woodhouse: "[Jami-Lee Ross] has some serious explaining to do." He said Simon Bridges "absolutely" should stay on as leader, "he has my 100 per cent support". 

Nick Smith: Would not comment. 

Maggie Barry: "Absolutely, I have full confidence in Simon Bridges as leader."

Simeon Brown: "We've got one thing we need to do any we're going to go and have a caucus meeting and discuss that today. Simon Bridges has the full support of the caucus and we are going to support him.