'Come on guys, man up' - Chiefs' behaviour wearing thin with supporters




The Hamilton City Council has slammed the actions of some Chiefs players after they allegedly verbally abused two female council staff on Wednesday, and some fans are losing patience too. 

The players at the centre of the incident met privately with the women, who are parking wardens, to apologise for their comments.

"They're not comments you want to talk about in front of your mother or grandmother," said Hamilton Council acting Chief Executive Kelvyn Eglinton. 

"The recorded comments were at the upper end of your swearing vocabulary."

Last night the Chiefs side-stepped media, with coach Dave Rennie issuing a statement on behalf of the club.

"The Hamilton City council has raised with us that inappropriate comments were made as some were leaving voicing frustration at the situation."

The team's behaviour is wearing thin with supporters, telling 1 NEWS it's "unacceptable" and that an "attitude change" is needed.

"They got caught out last year so come on guys, man up," one woman said. 

The latest allegations follow last year's stripper scandal, where Chiefs players were accused of abusing a stripper during Mad Monday celebrations. 

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