Combating sexual assault on a university campus

Universities around the world are sitting up and taking notice of sexual assault, but there is a lack of data in many countries including New Zealand about the prevalence and circumstances in which sexual assault occurs.

PhD student Kayla Stewart is changing that with a study that suggests more than one in three people experiences sexual violence while at university.

In the #MeToo era more and more people are speaking out about their personal experiences of sexual violence, but they’re often met with doubt.

However, the rising chorus of voices has prompted universities to review their policies and procedures around how they handle sexual misconduct complaints, including providing dedicated staff and resources to helping survivors.

Experts say that elevating the voices of survivors will lead to the dismantling of rape myths.

Sunday’s Tania Page spoke to two PhD students Lily Kay Ross and Kayla Stewart about those myths.

Watch Tania Page’s full investigation into sexual assault on campus at 7.30pm Sunday on TVNZ1.  

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