Collins says PM made 'a bit of a weak decision' not to accept Twyford's resignation over plane phone call

National MP Judith Collins says it's "a bit of a weak decision" for Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to decline Transport Minister Phil Twyford's offer to resign today for making a phone call on a domestic flight after the aircraft doors had shut in preparation for take-off.

Mr Twyford says he recognises he made the call when he shouldn’t have, and this is inappropriate for anyone, particularly for him as Transport Minister.

He apologised to the Prime Minister and offered his resignation as Transport Minister.

Ms Ardern declined his offer but will had his responsibility for the Civil Aviation Authority to Associate Transport Minister Julie Anne Genter.

Ms Collins says someone told her about the phone call and she decided to check out whether it's right with a written question in Parliament.

"And obviously it was right. Obviously Phil Twyford, the Minister of Transport, in charge of Civil Aviation, did actually make the phone call, during, when the plane was taxiing." she told 1 NEWS.

Ms Collins said she thinks Mr Twyford he had no choice other than to offer his resignation, "and I think that was the right thing to do".

Asked what she thinks of the Prime Minister's decision to decline his resignation offer but take responsibility for Civil Aviation off him, Ms Collins said: "Well it is probably is a bit of a weak decision. But having said that, we will wait to see what else happens over the next little while."

She added: And look, it's her choice. I've always thought if she's the Prime Minister she's got to set standards for her own cabinet. And so she's made her own decision. So not really for me to judge."

Meanwhile the Civil Aviation Authority says the Director of Civil Aviation has received details of the alleged breach of Civil Aviation Rules by Phil Twyford and will examine the facts before determining what action, if any may follow.

National MP Judith Collins was the one to bring the infringement to Parliament's attention Mr Twyford said. Source: 1 NEWS

It is premature to speculate on what might happen next and the CAA won’t comment further while inquiring into the matter, it said in a statement tonight.

The National MP brought the Transport Minister's indiscretion to the attention of the House after someone told her about his call. Source: 1 NEWS