Colin Craig sends 'Dirty Politics brigade' legal advice

Colin Craig has begun legal proceedings in a lengthy battle against three people who he accuses of defaming him.

Colin Craig has announced he is suing Jordan Williams, John Stringer and blogger Cameron Slater. Source: 1 NEWS

Colin Craig's defamation claim against John Stringer. Source: Supplied

Jordan Williams of the Taxpayers' Union, former chair of the Conservative Party John Stringer and Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater have been sent formal legal advice today.

Mr Craig refers to the three as the 'Dirty Politics brigade' in a booklet he released earlier this week, accusing them of being involved in a campaign of defamation against him.

I have advised Mr Craig’s lawyers that I look forward to full disclosure - John Stringer

Mr Stringer has publically responded, indicating he will "defend (the defamation claim) vigorously.

The former Conservative Party leader is seeking damages of $300,000, $600,000 and $650,000.